Best Online Vape Shop

People who are considering giving vaping a try often feel confused about where to purchase their first vape kit, and we often hear questions like “What are the best online vape shops?” – perhaps more often than necessary. And it is quite hard or even impossible to provide the right answer “What are the best online vape shops”, because in 2017, there are heaps of excellent vape vendors out there.

Due to countless factors, including things like personal preference, your location and online shopping habits, we certainly can not name the absolute winner of the best online vape shops awards for you, but we have compiled a list of 10 contenders instead, taking into account our experience, as well as such criteria as product range & overall price levels, feedback from online communities, available shipping & payment methods, customer service and age. Read on!

Best Online Vape Shops



Direct Vapor is the first on list as one of the Best Online Vape Shops. This store has become highly popular in the vaping community. They have done a great job in terms of website design and customer service, and a serious team with a heavy background in the industry stands behind this vendor. If you are looking for bargain deals and huge range of products, go for Direct Vapor!  Let’s take a deeper look why we have included DirectVapor in this list:

60 days – warranty and 15 days return policy No guest checkout No live chat
Very competitive prices Expensive international shipping (excl. USA) Free shipping without minimum order amount (US only)
Great deals every week No PayPal payment method
Excellent range of products
International shipping
Outstanding customer support response time

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vaporbeastThe website of VaporBeast is truly intuitive and easy-to-use. There will be quite a number of experienced vapers who will most probably give nothing but positive feedback on this store. We also have ordered a couple of times from VaporBeast, and they have never let us down. The overall feedback is close to outstanding, and such is our experience with them.

Impressive daily deals No PayPal Free shipping for all orders over 35 USD (US only)
Remarkable range of products; many unique products / accessories International shipping costs Customer support via e-mail or phone (excl. Live Chat)
Many different payment options Warranty & return policy 30 days after delivery
Guest checkout
Well-structured and detailed website
Wholesale program

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vapordnaIf you’d like to browse through & shop for some of the most recent vaping products, a convenient way how to do that is by visiting VaporDNA’s “What’s New” page. VaporDNA is a solid vendor, offering a wide variety of items, as well as many great features to make the shopping experience even better. Also, they have their own vaping product design & development division called Project Sub-Ohm. Let’s take a closer look:

Free 10ml of e-liquid on every order – don’t forget to specify the flavor and nicotine strength in the comments field when ordering International shipping will cost Free shipping over 49 USD (US only)
Massive range of products Return policy doesn’t apply to several product groups (e.g. e-liquids) Customer support: E-mail or phone. Live chat not available
10% discount for newsletter subscribers
International shipping
What’s New page

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Best online vape shopsGearBest is one of the most popular e-shop in USA and worth be on the list a one of the best online vape shop. You can find plenty of products there, especially, all kind of vape products: mods, tanks, e-juice etc. If you can’t find some recently released vape mod or tank – this is the right place where to look for. And, they offer really, really great pricing. GearBest will definitely not let you down.

Impressive deals Trustable
Remarkable range of products; many unique products / accessories International shipping costs Customer support via e-mail or phone (excl. Live Chat)
Many different payment options Warranty & return policy 30 days after delivery
Guest checkout
Well-structured and detailed website

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myfreedomsmokesPersonally, this is one of my favorite online vape shops. As far as we know, MyFreedomSmokes has been in the business for quite some time already, and is one of the most reputable and reliable vendors out there. So let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer:

10% discount for new customers E-liquid purchases can’t be refunded 30 days return policy
Wide range of products Warranty for tanks / clearomizers / atomizers / cartomizers only 48h after delivery Ships to 39 countries
Hot deals & coupon codes Doesn’t support full international shipping Customer support only available via phone or e-mail; no live chat
Wholesale program No guest checkout Prices are competitive but not great

Shop Now at MyFreedomSmokes!


ecigavenueEcig Avenue, operating out of California, US, is a well-made online vape shop, offering an exceptional range of products. Also, discounts aren’t a rare phenomenon here, so the sharp-eyed customers can get their vape gear for very competitive prices. To have a better understanding of what Ecig Avenue has to offer, we need to take a deeper look:

Impressive range of products No PayPal payment method Free shipping for orders over 50 USD (US only)
Guest checkout Customer support by phone or e-mail (excl. live chat)
Low cost international shipping
10% off for newsletter subscribers

Shop Now at Ecig Avenue!

Mount Baker VAPOR

mtbakervaporMT Baker Vapor has been in the business for some time already. Instead of focusing only on the most popular brands, they also sell less known products. Although many vapers mostly associate this brand with their e-juice line, Baker Vapor, there are heaps of other things to praise these guys for: fast shipping, exceptional customer care, bitcoin payment support, as well as an APP for even better shopping experience. Enough said.

Produces own e-liquid line Expensive international shipping Customer support via phone or written contact (e-mail); no live chat
Competitive prices Return policy – within 2 weeks Free shipping on orders over 50 USD (US only)
Impressive range of products
An app is available!
10% off for newsletter subscribers
International shipping
Guest checkout

Shop Now at Mount Baker VAPOR


vapenwFor the folks in the US, VAPE NW is an excellent online vendor to have a look at. The range of products is huge, and the prices talk for themselves. If great prices, countless discounts and promotions are something you’re eager to browse through, go ahead and check this shop out. Is there anything bad about them? Well, some people have mentioned hiccups with their customer support, but the overall feedback is close to excellent.

Huge discounts – up to 85% off No guest checkout Herb vaporizers also available
Vast range of products & hot items Return policy 30 days – only unopened and unused items 30 days warranty
Great prices Ships to US only! Free shipping for orders over 75 USD
Live chat and standard customer support (phone & e-mail)

101 VAPE

101vapeThis is quite a unique store because of one reason – they do accept bitcoins. 101 VAPE is often discussed on the Vaping Underground forum, and it’s often praised for the speedy shipping and enjoyable prices. 101 vape is often used in USA and definitely worth to be as one of the best online vape shops. We became curious to research it a bit more deeper:

Acceptable product range No guest checkout Main customer support via phone; also available via contact form
Trustworthy customer service Very expensive international shipping Sells mostly well-known brands
Great discounts Return policy – 2 weeks for new & unopened items Free shipping over 75 USD (US only)
International shipping
Warranty: 30 – 90 days


CigabuyAlthough Cigabuy tends to receive mixed feedback, we and tons of other people are more than content with shopping in this store. Sure, some parts of the website may look outdated to some, and yes, the standard shipping may take a while to countries like the US. But it works; it’s team does their job just great, and the prices are as low as it gets. And as far as we know, this is the only international vape shop which provides content in multiple languages, as well as displays prices in various currencies.

Multilanguage No guest checkout E-mail and live chat customer support
5 currencies Range of products only satisfactory Based in China
Most popular brands Also selling products not related to vaping
PayPal – Western Union – Webmoney – MasterCard/Visa checkout
Very competitive prices
International shipping with very low prices

Shop Now at Cigabuy!


3fvape3F VAPE is a site which we have added to our best online vape shops list just recently. Although it’s a relatively new store, we are pleasantly surprised by the range of products they offer. The only drawback for some buyers would be the fact that 3F VAPE is located in Shenzhen, China, but it is one of several Chinese vendors that has never let us down. Here’s what we like about 3F VAPE:

Some of the lowest prices on the market Customer support could be better (sometimes takes several days to reply) No live chat
Significant product range Items returnable in 45 calendar days from delivery date
Newest & hottest products always available Based in China
Free international shipping
Guest checkout
Many different payment methods (PayPal – MasterCard – etc.)

Shop Now at 3FVAPE!

Black Note

best online vape shopBlack Note was founded in 2015. Black Note offer high quality authentic products and premium tobacco flavored e-juice. Black Note prides itself on helping to quit smoking by providing enjoyable alternative. So let’s take a look what interesting they offer:

  • Free 90 days money return
  • Free shipping
  • $10 if you refer a friend
  • Rewards program
  • Free custom labeling on all their ejuice – easy to use as a gift

Vista Vapors

best online vape shopVista Vapors is a USA based e-liquid brand, offering a huge variety of e-juice flavors and a Premium product line. We are very impressed about the outstanding quality to price ratio offered by Vista Vapors, as well as all the tiny details: for example, the possibility to add extra flavor when ordering and even mix your own juice on their website. These are the things that take vaping and vape shopping experience to another level. As far as I have vaped this ejuice, it’s outstanding – Intensive flavor, thick clouds and simply pleasant feeling. So let’s see what Vista Vapors offer:

  • Rewards program
  • Mix your own e-juice
  • Low price
  • High quality
  • Very friendly customer support

Element Vape

best online vape shopElement Vape was founded in 2013 and it has a progressive retail in the electronic cigarette industry. Because of their best support services, they always give their customers to experience the best shopping experience possible. They offer a wide range of product lines and Vape accessories as well as premium e-juice supplements to meet your needs. They have latest products for you to enjoy the Vaping experience. Through a continuous partnership with the manufacturers, they are able to create the best prices on the Internet with a lot of choices.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the best online vape shops! As you can see, each of these stores has something different to offer to their customers, not to mention the different preferences of each individual vaper as an online shopper, so the subjective factors still play a major role in this list. Nevertheless, we believe that all of these vendors have done a great job of improving the vape shopping experience so they are deserve to be on the list “Best Online Vape Shops”.

If we are missing some important information, or if you strongly believe that your shop must be on this list “Best Online Vape Shops”, please share with us in the comment section or write us an e-mail. Also, if you happen to have made a purchase in any of these stores, feel free to tell us and other vapers about your experience!

Source, Ecigclopedia, Best Online Vape Shop


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